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A Geology Exhibition

The Trail of Time at Grand Canyon

Geoscience Education in the National Park:

The Trail of Time is an interpretive walking timeline trail that focuses on Grand Canyon vistas and rocks to guide visitors to ponder, explore, and understand the magnitude of geologic time and the stories encoded by Grand Canyon rock layers and landscapes.

Symposium Announcement: October 13-15, 2010

Opening of the Trail of Time at Grand Canyon:
New Approaches to Geoscience Education in the National Park System

Grand Canyon National Park announces the opening of the Trail of Time Geoscience Exhibition at Grand Canyon. We invite you to the opening of the Exhibition and an accompanying workshop on the Geoscience Education in the National Park System. This innovative exhibition, funded by the National Science Foundation, develops new approaches to public geoscience education in the National Park System. The opening of the Exhibition and accompanying workshop will be held in conjunction with Earth Science Week (sponsored by the American Geological Institute). Our goal is to furthering innovative approaches to public geoscience education across the National Park system and elsewhere.

Understanding Earth (the science of Geology) is ever more important as human societies grow and flourish on our planet of limited resources. Education and research on time, climate and environmental change, natural resources, and the interactions of humans in the Earth system are increasingly urgent topics for both formal and informal science education and public science literacy. The National Park Service, a premier national resource for public science education, with support from the National Science Foundation, hosts this symposium to highlight and promote new approaches in effective geoscience education and interpretation.

Symposium organizers:
Karl Karlstrom and Laura Crossey, University of New Mexico
Steve Semken, Arizona State University
Judy Bryan and Carl Bowman, Interpretation Division, Grand Canyon National Park
Deborah Perry, Selinda Research Associates
Mike Williams, University of Massachusetts
Ryan Crow, University of New Mexico

Where: Grand Canyon National Park- South Rim, Shrine of Ages Theater
When: October 13-15, 2010

Meeting Announcement

Final Agenda

Information about staying at Albright Training Center including directions

Driving Directions to Grand Canyon

Driving Map of Grand Canyon village
See map for the locations of Yavapai Lodge, Shrine of Ages, and Verkamps shown. Although Albright is not on the map, it is west of center road between the Clinic and the Ranger Office.