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National Park Service Documents

Geoscience Interpretive Plan, put together by the Interpretive Division at Grand Canyon National Park in May, 2002.

Historical Yavapai Observation Station, description of undergoing renovation as a geoscience interpretive museum at Grand Canyon National Park.

Visitor Study, Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, 2003

NPS Comprehensive Survey of the American Public, Intermountain Region Technical Report, August 2002

Making Connections, Intermountain Region, Our Strategy for Interpretation and Education 2004-2009, Taking Intermountain Region Parks to the People, Feburary 2004

Interpretive Guide, The Philosophy and Practice of Connecting People to Heritage, Essential Tools for Interpreters, Intermountain region NPS

Report for Trail of Time Workshop for the Regional Parks, a product from the October 2002 workshop on the South Rim.

Visions of the National Park Service, including a mandate to work with universities and the scientific community to both understand the Park regions, their resources, and provide such understanding to the public.