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Evaluation Documents

Formative Evaluation Plan 2007 This evaluation plan serves as the blueprint for the second-phase formative evaluation study of the Trail of Time. Although it is not anticipated that it will change, it is posted as a draft document so that it can be updated if necessary.

2004 Formative Evaluation conducted by Selinda Research Associates, based on Trail prototype demonstration in the fall of 2004.

Selinda Research's Comprehensive Evaluation Plan - Nov. 2006

The below evaluation briefs are under development.

These preliminary evaluation briefs are each either (a) a summary of what we have summarized from the literature about a topic, and/or (b) the results from quick testing of prototypes. Their purpose is primarily to provide quick summaries of important information that will help inform the design/development process. In developing these preliminary briefs two criteria were used: they must be (a) quick – readily available, relevant, and useful information for the design team; and (b) brief – approximately two pages long.

Because the information in these briefs is necessarily quick and brief, they have not yet been fully vetted by the rest of the Trail of Time team. They are currently out for review and will be updated and revised as time allows. A final fully vetted and reviewed version of each brief will be included in a final compilation that will be made available to all interested parties at the end of the Trail of Time project.

Evaluation Brief #1: Large Numbers

Evaluation Brief #2: Printed Trail Guides

Evaluation Brief #3: Maps in Interpretation

Evaluation Brief #4: Visitors and Geology

Evaluation Brief #5: Cognitive Overload

Evaluation Brief #6: 10-Meter Marker Circle Text

Evaluation Brief #7: 10-Meter Markers Time Transition

Evaluation Brief #8: Why the timeline is horizontal

Evaluation Brief #9: Prototype Walking Guide

Evaluation Brief #10: Temporary Signage

Evaluation Brief #11: On-Site Testing

Evaluation Brief #12: Off-Site Temp Sign Illustration

Evaluation Brief #13: Off-Site TAT Markers

Evaluation Brief #14: Off-Site MT 6ma 70ma 270ma Waysides

Evaluation Brief #14a: Recommendations

Evaluation Brief #15: On-Site Testing April 2008

Evaluation Brief #16: Off-Site Testing June 2008

Evaluation Brief #17: On-Site Testing July 2008

Evaluation Brief #18: ToT Humor

Evaluation Brief #19: Off-Site Testing December 2008

Evaluation Brief #20: Off-Site Testing January 2009

Evaluation Brief #21a: Off-Site Testing March 2009

Evaluation Brief #21b: Waysides for March 2009 testing

Evaluation Brief #22: Off-Site Testing Pronunciations